About me...

I live and work in East Anglia - an accountant by day - an author the rest of the time.

I never stop writing, whether it be on paper or in my head.

Wherever there's life - there's a story.​

Bertie's Diary is now available on Amazon

At last! Bertie’s Diary is out there for you to buy from Amazon. My​ heart and soul went into this little book and I tried to faithfully record Bertie’s thoughts and adventures over the years we spent together. He’s funny, sometimes rude, and often very opinionated – and his illustrations are simple but to the point.

I hope you will love and treasure Bertie’s Diary.


Bertie's Diary

Bertie's Diary is my first publication and very precious to me as it records the thoughts of my beautiful little dachshund who shared life with me for many years.

Bertie is the 'Adrian Mole' of the canine world and, like Adrian, writes a very personal account of the world as he sees it.

Bertie's Diary takes us through the memorable times in his life with humour and affection - even Prods (Newmum's young'un) is treated with empathy by this canine scribbler.

If you are a Pet Parent - a word of warning - don't leave your laptop unattended because you never know what you might come back to...

Bertie Laughin​g!

'Back home, I ran up the hall, dragging Harry Humbug with me, and bumped straight into the BFBC who screeched at the sight of Harry, and shot into the kitchen and out through the cat flap. Another good day, I think.'

Lucca's Log

I'm well on course to have Lucca's Log published for September 2017 and am very excited about it.

Lucca is very happy and struts around the house like he's some kind of film star! And he is a monster when it comes to editing - one day he likes this - and the next day he doesn't. (Bit like he is with his food!) Meow!