Lucca's Log


I'm well on course to have Lucca's Log published for September 2017 and am very excited about it.

Lucca is very happy and struts around the house like he's some kind of film star! And he is a monster when it comes to editing - on​e day he likes this - and the n​ext day he doesn't. (Bit like he is with his food!) Meow!

My Lovely Lucca in the Pot!

Lucca and I are very excited that his book 'Lucca's Log' is well on track to be published for September 2017. He is a nightmare to work with - one day he likes this and then another day he doesn't! Mind you, he is like that with food - one day he likes it and the next he doesn't. Tesco loves me - I'm trying different 'gourmet' cat food every week!

A Taster from Lucca's Log

So there I was – born and raised, in a house in Essex – all of my days! Then two peeps came into my neighbourhood - and that was that!

I was one of seven kittens – we were all black because our mum (prize winning Rag-Doll cat) got out and had a bit of fun with the local black tom-cat. Mind you, we were beautiful – all shiny and completely black and so very soft. The peeps arrived one Sunday morning when I was about 8 weeks old and chatted to the peep who took care of us all – reached a decision and said they wanted two of us. First, they picked Bella – she is so small and sweet but has terrible toilet habits. Then they picked up my brother Mad Michael – and put him down again very quickly. Michael has a flatulence problem and, as his name implies, is as mad as a box of frogs. Eventually, the peeps picked me up and I remained calm and adorable and purred so loudly that the TV went off – something to do with vibrations. The peeps loved me right from the start and said that they would like to take me and Bella. The peep selling us – yes, I said ‘selling’ for cats’ sake! (What are we – tins of tuna or something?) The peep selling us was very happy to get rid of two kittens all in one go and quickly bundled us into a pet carrier before the other two peeps could change their minds.