And then there were two!

When your beloved pet dies - your house is empty of fun and that unselfish sort of love that only comes from dog. I was bereft after Bertie died and couldn't bear the emptiness. My poor husband wandered around like a lost weekend - it was like the whole house was in mourning. I suppose it was really.

After two days, I couldn't stand it any longer and started an internet search for Rag-doll cross kittens, (I couldn't afford a true breed Rag-doll), and found a breeder in Chelmsford who had black kittens for sale. Unfortunately, the breeder's prize Rag-doll cat had got out and mated with the local black tom-cat, resulting in a litter of completely black, soft and beautiful kittens. The only requisite was that we took two kittens so that they wouldn't be lonely during the day while we were at work. We were only too happy to agree.

The following Sunday, my husband and I set out for Chelmsford - a two hour drive - to 'adopt' our kittens. Our house had been cleaned from top to bottom and kitten paraphernalia was everywhere: toys, litter trays, feeding bowls and, of course, a cosy cat bed to sleep in. I was yet to learn of the importance of cardboard boxes.

We had our choice of kittens and I chose a pretty little female and named her Bella. My husband picked out a handsome male and we called him Lucca.

Little did we know how these tiny creatures were going to change our lives in so many wonderful ways!