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Heart Warming Story to Share!

I must share with you a wonderful story from our day at the Millennium Library in Norwich.

A delightful little girl came up to me and was interested in Bertie's Diary - she flipped through the book and said excitedly that she would ask her dad for the money. She returned 20 minutes later and sincerely apologized - she couldn't buy the book because her dad had run out of money for that day. I was so impressed that she had returned to tell me this that I gave her the book for free and signed it for her. She ran off very happy - thanking me and said she would tell her friends about the book. A couple of hours later I was given a folded piece of paper by one of my fellow authors saying a little girl had brought this in to be given to me. I opened it and it was a beautifully coloured picture of a princess and at the top was written:

"Thank you so very much for the book"! That was worth much more to me than the £5 her dad couldn't afford. xx