Me r​esting

Resting time is very important and you have to do this at least seven times a day otherwise you will not be able to maintain your adorability.

Me on the beach

Walking along the beach is fun and the sand feels soft on the paws but it can make you drool a lot which is unattractive.

Me on the lapdog

Lapdogs and FB can be fun  but don't stare at the screen for too long because it will make your eyes go squiffy which does nothing for your adorability.

Me resting again

When finding somewhere to rest make sure to get the lighting right so that it shows off  your subtle fur tones because this is definitely attractive.

Me laughing

Always laugh at your humans' jokes otherwise they will feel silly and embarrassed and won't take you for a walk because they are sulking which is unattractive.

My favourite dinner

Sausages are my favourite but not the green and yellow and orange bits which taste disgusting and have an adverse effect on one's adorability.

My  pal Engle

Engle is my bestest pal in the whole wide world ever and is scruffy and scampy which can be quite attractive but not in the same way that I am attractive.

Me being handsome

When being photographed always try to look as handsome as possible and not like Newmum's passport picture which is scary and very unattractive.